Top 10 Things That Make Nigeria Famous 2023

Top 10 Things That Make Nigeria Famous 2022

Nigeria, which is located on the Gulf of Guinea, is a coastal country that exudes a palpable vitality. A journey to this country, one of the most ethnically varied in Africa, is sure to provide a multicultural and multidimensional travel encounter you won’t forget.

Explore interesting Yoruba shrines and old slave ports, or marvel at breathtaking natural beauty such as the eye-catching Zuma Rock, a towering 2,379-foot (725-meter) block outside the capital city of Abuja that is depicted on Nigeria’s banknotes.

Here is a list of the top 10 things that make Nigeria famous.

10. Traditional Weddings

Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups, and a traditional wedding ceremony is held at least once a week. Weddings are a holy element of cultural life, but they’re also a chance to show off delicious food, great attire, music, and dancing movements in one life-affirming, multicolored extravaganza. Depending on where you live, the rituals take on a number of styles.

Before dowry discussions, the bride and groom’s families write each other letters of proposal and acceptance. After the important business is done, it’s back to music and dancing, and the greatest part, flinging banknotes in the air to make money practically rain down on the newlyweds.

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9. Third Mainland Bridge

The Third-Mainland Bridge, also known as the Ibrahim Babangida Bridge, is the longest of three bridges connecting Lagos Island to the city’s mainland. It was developed in 1990 to relieve Lagos’s tremendously congested traffic.

The Third-Mainland Bridge, which extends 6.52 miles (10.5 kilometers) along the beaches of Lagos Lagoon, is a shining example of contemporary architecture. This bridge was described as the longest in Africa when it initially opened until Cairo finished the 6th October Bridge in 1996.

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8. River Niger

The Niger River, which is vast and elliptical, is an important body of water in West Africa. This river, which runs through Guinea, Mali, Niger, and eventually Nigeria, is the third-longest in Africa, following only the Congo and the Nile.

The northern part of the Niger River, which stretches for 2,500 miles (4,023 kilometers), is the nearest large-scale river and source of water to the vast and bone-dry Sahara Desert. The Niger River is considered West Africa’s beating heart since communities along its banks rely significantly on it for a living. It also serves as a stopover for many shorebirds and marine animals.

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7. Adire

Adire is a remarkable and majestic resist-dyed garment made and predominantly worn by Yoruba people from southern Nigeria, known for its eye-catching indigo blue tint. Adire is made by tying and dyeing fabric in various ways to create a variety of beautiful patterns and shapes in rich blues and crisp whites.

The process dates back centuries, with the first product being discovered in the 11th century in Mali, a West African country. Adire’s distinctive appearance is achieved by a number of processes, including wrapping raffia – a string-like substance – around small stones to make white rings.

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6. Hausa Leather Products

The Hausa are one of West Africa’s most populous ethnic groups, mostly situated in northern Nigeria. Despite their disparate cultural traditions, the Hausas share many rituals and beliefs. They are well-known for producing high-quality leather products. Classic hand-stitched leather items ranging from elegant satchels to comfortable slippers are made using time-honored procedures.

Much of what they manufacture incorporates traditional Hausa designs and motifs, so owning a leather and textile-woven boho purse or a comfortable leather footstool is a prized possession. Weaving, silversmithing, and thatching are among the other skills in which Hausas excel.

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5. Nigerian Jollof

Nigerian Jollof Rice is a popular one-pot dish served in several West African nations that may be consumed on a regular basis or on special occasions. This hearty, filling, and flavorful dish includes three main ingredients: fluffy long-grain rice, a luscious tomato stew, and fragrant seasonings like potent Nigerian-style curry powder and dried thyme.

This completed meal is seasoned and cooked in a delectable tomato broth, and it is served with delectable fried plantains. Healthy eaters will be relieved to find that Nigerian Jollof Rice is not only delicious but also low in calories.

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4. Lagos City

In just 50 years, Lagos, Nigeria’s largest and most populous metropolis, grew from 200,000 to 200 million people. It is a large and bustling city, recognized for its first-rate beach resorts, first-rate business areas, a vibrant art and music scene, and a throbbing nightlife.

Lagos, a raucous beachside town on the Gulf of Guinea and the Lagos Lagoon, bursts with frenetic energy. From the solitary appeal of Tarkwa Bay Beach to the natural beauty of the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos is one of Nigeria’s hidden jewels and a wonderful picture of modern Africa.

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3. Nigerian Movies (Nollywood)

Nollywood movies, which refer to the Nigerian film industry, have become a worldwide sensation. In terms of output, Nollywood films are second only to Bollywood in an industry that began amid an economic slump in the 1990s. And it’s no wonder that these films include a varied and rich array of tales from a country with over 500 ethnic groupings.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube have expanded the reach of this budding sector, which generates narratives ranging from amusing romps to serious dramas and comedies starring characters such as Aki and pawpaw, Mr. Ibu, Sam Loco, and Pete Edochie, among others.

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2. Natural Resources

Nigeria is unquestionably rich in a broad variety of natural resources that are sold, exported, and consumed locally, whether it be iron ore in Benue, bitumen in Lagos, or gold in Edo. These agricultural and mineral riches, ranging from coffee to tin, energize the Nigerian economy and play an essential role in the everyday lives of many Nigerians. Petroleum is the primary source of income in this country, and rock salt is one of the most in-demand natural resources.

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1. Nigerian Music

Nigerian music ranges from hard-driving, pulsing hip-hop club sounds, afro beats, trap music, to the soothing stylings of a two-stringed violin known as a goje. Nigerian music is one of the world’s most interesting exports due to its unique combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

Artists such as Sunny Ade and Fela Anikulapo-Kuti have made significant contributions to establishing Nigeria’s distinct style on the worldwide music arena, which Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy among others are currently pushing to the next level.

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