Top 10 Retromodded Land Rover Defenders In The World 2023

Everyone’s doing that these days, isn’t it? Keep track of things here.

10. Ares Design Defender

Dany Bahar’s customized Defender. Fifty-three of them were meant to be manufactured at a cost of €215,000 apiece, and there’s definitely a V8 under the hood…

Ares Design Defender1-(

9. Arkonik Gryphon D110

Didn’t we promise Arkonik will do everything for your Defender? The Gryphon D110 is an excellent off-road restomod. That’s not something we see very frequently, is it?

Arkonik Gryphon D110-1-(

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8. Khan Flying Huntsman 110 6×6 Double Cab Pickup Soft-Top

We were certain to come across Khan at some time. The Flying Huntsman 110 6×6 Double Cab Pickup Soft-Top is a mash-up of all the company’s Defender alternatives. We’re at a loss for words — just look at it. 

Khan Flying Huntsman 110 6x6 Double Cab Pickup Soft-Top-(

7. Zero Labs Electric Series III

Another Defender EV, I see. Zero Labs began with magnificent Ford Broncos and progressed to lovely Series III Land Rovers. Buyers may choose between an 85 or 100-kWh battery with a range of up to 235 miles and an e-motor with a power output of up to 600bhp.

Zero Labs Electric Series III-(

6. Arkonik Defender V8

Arkonik is another one of those firms that will do almost anything to any vintage (or body style) of Defender if you deliver a big enough check. 

Arkonik Defender V8-1-(

5. Land Rover Defender Works V8

Why should you let the tuners have all of the fun when you can make a tidy sum doing it yourself? That was Land Rover’s idea when it began upgrading vintage Defenders with 5.0-litre Jaguar V8 engines producing 400bhp and 380lb ft of torque. Each one set you back £150,000.

Land Rover Defender Works V8-1-(

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4. Overfinch Soft-Top

Leeds-based Overfinch is widely renowned for its bold Range Rover adaptations, so it should come as no surprise that they once created a one-of-a-kind soft-top Defender powered by a 450bhp Chevrolet-sourced LS3 V8.

Overfinch Soft-Top-(

3. Himalaya ‘Spectre’ 110 Crew Cab

It’s the Himalayas all over again. It’s their Spectre-spec Bond villain Defender this time. Isn’t it cool? 

Himalaya 'Spectre' 110 Crew Cab1-(

2. Twisted NAS-E

As you’ll see later in this collection, V8-powered restomod Defenders seem to have become increasingly frequent, as you’ll see. Twisted Automotive, located in Yorkshire, will sell you one, but it also produces the NAS-E, a $185,00 EV Defender available only in the United States. A NAS-E Plus with 320bhp is also available. 

Twisted NAS-E1-(

1. Himalaya Summit Series

The Himalaya Summit Series is a 650bhp LT4 V8-engined Defender, not a cheap waterproof coat, as the name suggests. The price ranges between $250,000 and $300,000

Himalaya Summit Series-(



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