Top 10 Powerful Magicians Who Died On Stage 2023

Top 10 Powerful Magicians Who Died On Stage 2022

Top 10 Magicians Who Died On Stage! There are tricks that will blow your mind, illusions that will leave you breathless, and impossible feats of reality! Regardless of your beliefs on the matter, as evidenced with these ten tragic stories, not everything about magic is fake. For these former underlings of the art, their tricks are their final legacies.

The magicians on this list all died in the middle of their tricks, but an honorable mention goes out to the master of illusions, Harry Houdini, who died off stage. When Magic Kills The Magician.

10. P.C. Sorcar

P.C. Sorcar was born Protul Sorcar on February 23, 1913, and he fell in love with magic at a young age. He began his studies with magician Genapati Chakraborty. P.C. Sorcar Jr.’s mystery ranks high. The man who “vanished” the Taj Mahal for two minutes in the year 2000 is still dazzled audiences with his ability. On January 6, 1971, Sorcar died of a heart attack while performing in Japan.

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9. Jeff Rayburn Hopper

Rayburn Hooper, a 23-year-old magician, was practicing an escape trick for his Winona Lake church’s Sunday school assembly in 1984, despite his wife May’s urgings not to.

Hooper would attempt to escape after being tied and thrown into a lake. However, Jeff Rayburn Hooper was unable to attend the performance. He couldn’t swim to the coast against the wind. Despite the fact that the water was just 6 feet deep, the 23-year-old magician drowned.

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8. Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper was a magician and comedian from England. His performance consisted of screwing up tricks and profiting from his inexperience. It wasn’t unusual for him to collapse and sprawl on the stage. That’s why, during Cooper’s slapstick performance on Live from Her Majesty’s at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, no one noticed anything was wrong when he collapsed on stage and died from a severe heart attack.

Members of the audience laughed as Cooper died in front of them. The show cut to commercial, Cooper was rushed off stage, and after multiple attempts to revive him failed, he was taken to a hospital and declared dead.

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7. Janaka Basnayake

Janaka Basnayake, 24, was from Sri Lanka. Janaka aspired to break the world record for the longest time spent buried alive. Janaka persuaded his family to bury him in a hole 10 feet deep, then pile dirt and wood on top of him in the spring of 2012. He had been buried for more than seven hours before being rescued. He was dead when they discovered him.

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6. Royden Joseph Gilbert Raison de la Genesta

The water barrel escape was a favorite of an American magician named Royden Raison de la Genesta, or simply Genesta. It’s a straightforward narrative in which the performer is trapped within a barrel filled with water, milk, or glue and attempts to escape before drowning.

Genesta adapted Houdini’s hallmark trick, which he first performed in 1908. He drowned in milk after failing to free himself. His death inspired other magicians and escape artists to do it, with some replacing Elmer’s glue for milk since his death made the trick more appealing to the public and brought greater crowds.

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5. John Miller

In the nineteenth century, John Miller, better known as Balabrega, was climbing the rungs of the magical ladder. Miller, who shared an evening act with Harry Houdini, was well on his way to becoming one of the greatest until he lost his nerve over one trick.

Miller scheduled a concert in Brazil after purchasing a trick called “The Moth and the Flame” in an attempt to make it on his own. Miller carried acetylene gasbags with him. One of the bags burst during the show’s setup, killing Miller and his helper instantly. He never made it as far as he had hoped.

John Miller Magicians Who Died (

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4. Harry Houdini

Before becoming famous for escaping from shackles, straight jackets, and jails, Harry Houdini, born Erich Weiss, marketed himself as the King of Cards (playing cards). He performed card tricks and was quite skilled with a deck of cards, but he eventually found the public’s appetite for his death-defying acts, allowing him to liberate himself.

Harry Houdini’s death in 1926, at the age of 52, was less spectacular than his life, but his inclusion here is important because he died on stage and his death through magic was the direct outcome of one of his acts. “I’m tired of fighting,” he said as he died.

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3. Joseph W Burrus

Joseph Burrus was shackled, sealed in a plastic coffin, buried alive beneath seven tons of soil and wet cement in a seven-foot-deep hole. No one, miraculously, could persuade Joseph that it was impossible and that he would require some form of illusion to emerge out of this deception alive.

Joseph Burrus had attempted but failed, to replicate Harry Houdini’s feat of being buried alive. At the same time that his plastic casket was destroyed, so was his dream.
The desire to outdo Houdini.

Joseph W Burrus Who Died (

2. Chung Ling Soo

William Ellsworth Robinson, an American magician, took on the character of a Chinese magician and went by the stage name “Chung Ling Soo.” He was one of the most well-known magicians of his day.
William used a two-chambered rifle for his bullet catch. He loaded a live bullet into one barrel, which he demonstrated to the crowd and a paper cartridge into the other.

William Robinson shot himself for real during a regular performance in March 1918. This was not an exception to the rule that most workplace fatalities occur by accident or due to negligence.

Chung Ling Soo Who Died (

1. Charles Rowan

Charlie Rowen, also known as “Karr the Magician,” had earned a reputation for himself by breaking out of straight jackets and diving into mounds of shattered glass and staples. Charlie had been working as a Chicago magician as normal in 1930. He was attempting a trick in which he would be put in a straight jacket as a man in a car drove straight towards him.

During an escape attempt in 1930, this top Chicago magician was killed in front of a crowd of bystanders when a car crashed into him as he was still attempting to escape the straight jacket.

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