Top 10 Most Protected People In The World 2023

Top 10 Most Protected People In The World 2022

With the decisions they make, these political leaders, business moguls, monarchs, or celebrities can change the lives of millions of people for the better or for the worse, so their integrity and that of their families are extremely important.

Therefore, both these soldiers, policemen, or guards train for many years to be the chosen ones to cover their backs and sacrifice their lives for that of a VIP, in some cases, we cannot see them or we do not know who they are. However, as the number of high nets worth people continues to rise, bodyguards are now in great demand for a broader and more diversified spectrum of clients.

10. Floyd Mayweather Jr

Without a question, the unbeaten boxer is the most protected athlete on the planet. To begin, we must realize that boxing is one of the most lucrative sports in the world; as a result, one of its most famous fighters in history shields himself from harm. Floyd Mayweather Jr Reports shows that he has the biggest body guard in the world. They are always with him 247.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Most Protected People

9. Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Approximately $ 8.7 million plus $ 4.7 million was spent on the royal couple’s wedding on police services to keep all guests safe, it included snipers, undercover cops, months of counter-terrorism investigation.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle Most Protected People

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8. Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg has spent around $20 million on security with $7.3 M towards his bodyguards for his home and travels since 2015. From 2015 to date, more than 30 million dollars have been spent on guards, security systems and private planes.

Mark Zuckerberg Most Protected People

7. Xi Jinping

The Central Security Bureau (CSB) is the chief security detail military bureau responsible for the security of senior Chinese government, he is the person with the highest number of threatened attacks in the world.

Xi Jinping Most Protected People

6. Mohamed Bin Salmán

He is the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia, reports states that Salmán has spent more than $20 billion on military equipment in recent years.

Mohamed Bin Salmán Most Protected People

5. Queen Elizabeth II

The most visible and famous line of their defense is the iconic Queen’s Guard but the most important line of security to keep her Majesty safe with the Royal Protection Squad, also known as the Storlan York Elite Squad.

Queen Elizabeth II Most Protected People

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4. Pope Francis

His first line of defense is the Pontifical Swiss Guard, the longest standing military in the whole world which is a unit of armed forces and honor guards maintained by the Holy See that protects the Pope and the Apostolic Palace

Pope Francis Most Protected People

3. Kim Jong Un

His team comprises of 12 highly trained martial artists who jogs alongside his limo whenever he travels, he also have over 90,000 soldiers for his protection. Reports says that “not even an ant can pass through “.

Kim Jong Un Most Protected People

2. Donald trump

He has 11 private firms guarding him with a budget of $120M for protection yearly. He also uses “The Beast”, the most secured car in the world, which is said to be bomb proof.

Donald trump Most Protected People

1. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is not just Russia’s president; he is also the most powerful person on the globe, and he possesses the world’s greatest stockpile of nuclear weapons, which adds to his stature and, by extension, his personal protection.

About a month before the president’s visit, over 3,000 bodyguards with armored cars and a dedicated security unit arrive at the place to coordinate their security schedule with the local authorities and collects info on threats.

Vladimir Putinp Most Protected People



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