Top 10 Languages Spoken In The World 2023

The world we live in is diverse. There are various types of people living all around the world. They all speak multiple languages, eat different meals, and live distinct lives. The popularity of a language is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of native speakers, utility, geographical location.

Here is the list of the top 10 languages spoken in the world in 2022.

10. Urdu (excluding Hindi) ( 230 million speakers)

Urdu is a language spoken mostly in India and Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s national language. Aside from that, it is an official language in various Indian states. Urdu is recognized as a regional dialect in Nepal.

9. Portuguese ( 258 million speakers)

With about 220 million native speakers, Portuguese is among the top ten languages in the world in terms of a speaker population. It will also be the third most spoken European language in 2022, behind English and Spanish. Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Sao Tomé and Principe, and Brazil all have it as their sole official language.

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8. Russian ( 258 million speakers)

Russian is a native language of Russia. It is an official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, and is extensively spoken as a lingua franca in Ukraine, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and, to a lesser extent, the Baltic nations. There are around 258 million Russian speakers worldwide.

7. French ( 267 million speakers)

French is the official language of 29 nations spread over five continents. During the colonial era, the language expanded around the world. This language is believed to have 76 million native speakers, with over 235 million every day and fluent speakers. Aside from France, the following nations have a large number of French speakers: Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United States.

6. Bengali/Bangla ( 268 million speakers)

Bengali is most commonly spoken in Southeast Asia. It is Bangladesh’s official, national, and most frequently spoken language. At the same time, it is India’s second most frequently spoken language. Bengali is the first language of 98 percent of Bangladeshis. Furthermore, it is the official language of West Bengal, Tripura, and the Barak Valley area of Assam.

5. Arabic ( 274 million speakers)

Arabic is the next language on our list. It is Islam’s liturgical language. It is the most widely spoken language in the Middle East. Arabic is currently an official language in 26 nations. This language is frequently connected with Arabic culture. Libya, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon are the nations where Arabic is most widely spoken.

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4. Spanish ( 543 million speakers)

In terms of native English speakers, Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language. Furthermore, Spanish is the third most often used language on the internet. Spanish is extensively spoken in countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico, in addition to Spain.

3. Hindi ( 600 million speakers)

In North India, Hindi is the most widely spoken language. Along with English, it is one of the two official languages of the Government of India. Hindi is an official language in nine Indian states and three union territories. Apart from these, Hindi is also spoken in Fiji, Nepal, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

2. Mandarin Chinese ( 1.120 billion speakers)

Mandarin Chinese is the world’s second most widely spoken language. Aside from mainland China, Mandarin Chinese speakers may be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and other nations. It is one of only two languages with over a billion speakers.

1. English ( 1.348 billion speakers)

In 2022, English is the most widely spoken language on the planet. It is a global language that is widely used in worldwide trade, technology, and tourism. According to Internet World Stats 2019, a multilingual person who speaks English and Spanish can comprehend one out of every three persons on the planet.



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