Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2023

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2022

If you want to make more money or if you’re just starting out in the workforce, you’ll want to know what the top paid occupations are and what their typical income is.

Though having a job that pays well is at the top of many people’s lists when looking for a new position or profession, having a job that pays well is not a priority for all job searchers. Healthcare employment ranked first on the list of the highest-paying occupations, and the sector’s future looks promising.

These are the world’s top ten highest-paying jobs.

10. Internist

Average Salary: $198,370

Education Needed: Doctorate

Internal medicine, often known as general internal medicine, is a medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses of the internal organs. 

Internists are physicians who diagnose and treat internal injuries and illnesses non-surgically. They do not undertake any procedures and instead focus on treating acute ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s.

Internist Highest Paying Jobs

9. Nurse Anesthetist

Average Salary: $183,580

Education Needed: Master’s

Nurse anesthetists can use a variety of intravenous medicines and breathed gasses to provide general or regional anesthesia, allowing surgeons and other clinicians to perform procedures on patients with little to no discomfort.

Nurse anesthetists are considered cost-effective providers since they give their patients high-quality health care at a low cost. “Anesthesia is safer today than it has ever been,” says one expert.

Nurse Anesthetist Highest Paying Jobs

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8. General Practitioner (GP)

Average Salary: $208,560

Education Needed: Doctorate

A general practitioner is generally the initial point of contact for someone experiencing pain or disease. 
Depending on your symptoms, your general practitioner will advise, diagnose, and treat any health-related difficulties you may be experiencing, or will refer you to a specialist.

General Practitioner Highest Paying Jobs

7. Psychiatrist

Average Salary: $216,090

Education Needed: Doctorate

Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental illnesses. They are compensated for listening to patients’ concerns and determining the main cause of their troubles. While all psychiatrists assist in the treatment of mental health concerns, it is a discipline with a wide range of expertise.

Some specialize in child and adolescent psychiatry, while others focus on forensic (legal) psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, or consultation psychiatry, which takes place in a medical context. Others focus on psychoanalysis, in which the psychiatrist assists the patient in remembering and examining past experiences and emotions in order to better understand their current sensations.

Psychiatrist Highest Paying Jobs

6. Orthodontist

Average Salary: $228,500

Education Needed: Doctorate

Orthodontists specialize in tooth correction and are frequently suggested by patients’ dentists. These doctors routinely do X-rays, braces, mouth guards, and other treatments as needed. 

Because they deal directly with patients, high-achieving orthodontists must have excellent communication skills as well as strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. To become an Orthodontist, you must first obtain a dental degree and then enroll in and finish a postgraduate Orthodontist program.

Orthodontist Highest Paying Jobs

5. Gynecologist

Average Salary: $235,240

Education Needed: Doctorate

A gynecologist is a medical specialist who focuses on female reproductive health. They detect and treat problems with the female reproductive system. The uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and breasts are all included.

Gynecologists assist in the maintenance of women’s reproductive systems, and their duties might vary drastically from one day to the next. Anyone having feminine organs should consult a gynecologist.

Gynecologist Highest Paying Jobs

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4. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 

Average Salary: $243,500

Education Needed: Doctorate

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are different from regular dentists in that they undertake surgical operations on the face, mouth, and jaw that primarily focus on hard and soft tissues.

Problematic wisdom teeth, misaligned jaws, tumors, and cysts of the jaw and mouth are among the most prevalent issues they’re likely to treat. They might also do dental implant surgery.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Highest Paying Jobs

3. Surgeon

Average Salary: $251,000

Education Needed: Doctorate

Despite the fact that becoming a surgeon involves several years of specialized training, these professionals are rewarded with one of the highest-paying jobs. Depending on their specialty, surgeons may be required to work long and irregular hours.

Surgeons undertake procedures to repair damaged bones and treat illnesses like cancer. Surgeons assist in the management of the patient’s care both before and after surgery. Even if they are not scheduled to work, a surgeon may need to handle patient concerns over the phone, and on-call surgeons may need to go to a hospital in an emergency.

Surgeon Highest Paying Jobs

2. Anesthesiologist

Average Salary: $265,000

Education Needed: Doctorate

Anesthesiologists are doctors who are in charge of delivering anesthetics before, during, and after surgery.

They also have a variety of additional tasks, including dealing with emergency circumstances, providing pain management guidance, and conducting evaluations in critical care units.

Anesthesiologist Highest Paying Jobs

1. Neurosurgeon

Average Salary: $381,500

Education Need: Doctorate

Neurosurgeons have the highest-paying jobs in the world. This is a highly skilled surgeon who has decided to specialize on, diagnose, and surgically treat central and peripheral nervous system problems.

Neurosurgery is one of the most difficult medical specialties, requiring substantial training and knowledge.

Neurosurgeon Highest Paying Jobs (



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