Top 10 Foods That Reduce Heartburns 2023

Heartburn is an unusual name for a digestive problem, but because many people experience it as a burning sensation in their chest, it was given the name “heartburn.” Heartburn can be caused by a variety of different foods, and it is likely that it varies from person to person. Fortunately, there are foods that can help to reduce your chances of experiencing heartburn, and some that can even help to relieve it when you do.

If you want to reduce your chances of experiencing the agony and suffering associated with heartburn, the following foods should be at the top of your list.


These complex carbohydrates are both effective heartburn fighters and are frequently easy to incorporate into a variety of meals. Rice is frequently combined with poultry in prepared dishes and can provide a one-two punch that can help keep heartburn at bay.


This unusually shaped vegetable is beneficial to your diet for many reasons other than merely preventing heartburn. It has a lot of water and almost no calories. These qualities, along with the high fiber content of celery, make it ideal for individuals wanting to lose weight since it acts as an appetite suppressant.

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This category covers a lot of ground, so there are many of selections that will likely fit into anyone’s diet. Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans are among the more well-known items in this category. In fact, with the exception of onion, which may contain a bit too much acid to be useful, almost every green or root vegetable is advised for individuals who suffer from heartburn.


Anyone who isn’t a vegetarian or vegan may definitely incorporate chicken or turkey into their diet in some fashion. Not only can you cook one of the millions of poultry recipes at home, but almost any restaurant or fast food outlet will have something with chicken or turkey in it. Because the skin contains a lot of fat, it’s always advisable to remove it for the greatest results.


Most of us are probably most familiar with this as a seed that can be found in many spice cabinets. But it’s not only the seed that’s beneficial in the cooking. As a vegetable, it has a subtle flavor similar to licorice, as do the seeds. It has a pH of 6.9, which is high on the alkaline end of the spectrum, and it may be used in salads as well as for cooking items like chicken. It may also be eaten raw if you truly like it.


Melons, with a pH of around 6.1 and a little higher alkaline rating than bananas, are also a good choice for breakfast or a snack at any time of day. Watermelon, in particular, is particularly sweet and juicy when it is at its peak. Honeydew and cantaloupe are other fine options, although, like bananas, a tiny minority of people find that eating any sort of melon makes their digestive issues worse.

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This is a unique instance since most individuals feel that bananas assist relieve acid reflux, but a tiny minority – roughly 1% – claim that they actually create more digestive difficulties than they help. Bananas have a pH of roughly 5.6, making them an obvious choice for most people who suffer from heartburn. Bananas may be included into practically any diet, and they can even be peeled and eaten raw.


Salad has a variety of health advantages in addition to lowering your chances of suffering heartburn, so there’s more than one incentive to incorporate it into your diet on a daily basis. Although most salad elements are beneficial for decreasing heartburn, it should be noted that onions and tomatoes may be best avoided because they contain greater quantities of acid. Dressings should also be maintained to a minimum because they frequently include fat and can also contain acid.


It’s doubtful that you’ll want to pick up a piece of raw ginger and start chewing on it, but it may be used to flavor a variety of foods. For good reasons, it’s been used for millennia to aid with digestive issues. It may be added to smoothies to add a little heartburn-busting goodness to an already healthy drink, in addition to utilizing it in cooking.


Oatmeal has a lot going for it, and it’s all excellent. Oatmeal, while most commonly associated with breakfast, may also be included into a variety of other dishes, including cookies. Oatmeal has the potential to absorb excess acid in the stomach, reducing the likelihood of heartburn. Oatmeal is also quite filling, and it will stay with you and keep you feeling full for hours.



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