Top 10 Best Super-Sedan Concepts in the World 2022

These magnificent super-sedan concept automobiles are off this planet.

10. Ford Interceptor

The Interceptor concept, first debuted at the 2007 NAIAS, was Ford’s idea of a future, a full-size car that runs on a high-octane gasoline. The 5.0-liter V8 under the hood is comparable to the 4.6 utilized in the Mustang at the time, but it produced 600 horsepower in the Interceptor and was modified to operate on pure ethanol.

Ford Interceptor-(

9. Lamborghini Estoque

It’s been over 15 years since Lambo debuted this great concept, and many are still waiting for a manufacturing model. The Estoque was Lamborghini’s concept for a luxury sedan, strongly influenced by its sports vehicles and supercars. This design did include four doors, four seats, and the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter V10 engine. However, it is possible that it will be entirely electric.

Lamborghini Estoque-(

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8. Audi Grandsphere

The Grandsphere, as one might think, is totally electric and self-driving. However, the driver may take control at any time. The glass area is vast, giving the cabin a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Audi Grandsphere-(

7. Honda Kiwami

The Kiwami was designed to demonstrate different powertrains, much like automakers do now. In this scenario, the Kiwami employed supercapacitor batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell, which were all put together on a skateboard-style chassis. Honda is being quite forward-thinking here, as these are technologies that are now being deployed and tested.

Honda Kiwami-(

6. Chrysler Chronos

The Chronos, which debuted in 1998, wasn’t all about futuristic powertrains. In classic Chrysler form, it employed a massive V10 engine built by combining three 4.7-liter V8s. That’s some insane stuff there. The Chronos was designed largely as an homage to luxury sedans from the 1950s, and it bore a striking similarity to Chrysler’s own D’Elegance concept vehicle from 1952. The Chronos, like that automobile, was never built.

Chrysler Chronos-(

5. Cadillac Sixteen

When it comes to super sedan ideas, this is perhaps the most super of them all. The Cadillac Sixteen was originally shown off in 2003, with no intentions to bring it into production.

The Sixteen’s most noticeable feature is its engine, which inspired the name. It’s a V16 with a displacement of 12.3 liters. That appears to be excessive. Rolls-Royce did the same thing. Indeed, the V16 is so smooth that you could easily set a penny upright on it.

Cadillac Sixteen-(

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4. Lotus Eterne

The Eterne was a four-door sedan, which was a first for the British manufacturer. A supercharged V8 would send 542 or 612 horsepower to the back wheels, giving the Porsche Panamera pause. While the Eterne is no longer in production, the four-door Lotus is still in production.

Lotus Eterne-(

3. Lincoln Continental

In 2002, Lincoln showed the world what an all-new Continental would look like. It boasted a variety of luxury amenities, like power-opening doors, aniline leather seats, a drink dispenser with crystal glasses, and even a cigar humidor, in addition to style inspired by the classic 1964 model.

Lincoln Continental-(

2. Lexus LS Plus

If there’s one thing Lexus excels at, it’s making their production vehicles closely resemble their concept vehicles. This is also true of the LS, which began as a sleek sedan idea named the LS Plus (LS+).

The LS+’s two primary goals were to highlight the future of the LS sedan, which included autonomous driving technology, and the ambition to build a future that is totally devoid of traffic casualties.

Lexus LS Plus-(

1. Cadillac Escala

The Celestiq, Cadillac’s premier ultra-luxury car, will be available in a few years. The Escala was only a demonstration of Cadillac’s future design philosophy, which we now see on the Escalade, CT4, and CT5, but it’s a show-stopping sedan.

The big difference is that we are quite interested to witness the new Celestiq. The Celestiq will be all-electric, whilst the Escala will be powered by a 4.2-liter gasoline V8.

Cadillac Escala-(



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