Top 10 Best-Selling Cars, Trucks, and SUVs In The World 2023

Top 10 best-selling cars, trucks and SUVs- (

Even after 2020, 2021 was an odd year for vehicle sales. Both were greatly impacted by Covid and the accompanying supply chain disaster, and the continued scarcity of chips and other crucial materials and components will very certainly persist through 2022. But the show had to go on, and it did.

Although it might not appear so on paper, 2021 witnessed a surge in demand for new vehicles as people returned to dealerships in massive numbers. And here is what they ended up receiving the most frequently.

10. Honda Civic

This Honda mainstay has been a market champion for years, gradually edging out the Accord as the midsize sector shrank. It fell from eighth to tenth place in 2021 but maintained in the top ten despite continuous component scarcity.

Honda Civic-(

9. Toyota Highlander

Three-rows, believe it or not, seldom make the top ten. It only goes to demonstrate how bizarre the year 2021 was. The Highlander was in 14th place last year, so this is a big leap for the family vehicle.

Toyota Highlander-(

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8. Jeep Grand Cherokee

If our findings are true, this is yet another surprise and a first for Jeep. The Grand Cherokee was boosted this year by the launch of a new three-row variant (Jeep combines the two for sales numbers), but keep in mind that a large number of volumes here was really the outgoing (as opposed to the brand-new 2022) two-row type. Jeep deserves credit for advancing from 15th to 8th place.

Jeep Grand Cherokee-(

7. Nissan Rogue

The latest Rogue easily outsells its predecessor – 7th position is a four-spot improvement for the small capacity SUV. That’s a major gain for Nissan, who could use a few more of those.

Nissan Rogue-(

6. Toyota Camry

The list becomes more obvious hereon onwards. The Camry finished sixth last year as well, and it’s fascinating how Toyota’s script differs from Honda’s, which sees more sales from its tiny car than its midsize. The Corollas came in 12th place. It’s not awful, but it’s not this good.

Toyota Camry TRD, XSE, SE, Hybrid-(

5. Honda CR-V

We previously stated that while Honda’s midsize Accord has slipped slightly from its earlier heights, the CR-V has climbed in proportion to compensate for it. Honda, like everyone else, battled with the chip scarcity in the second half, however, earlier sales maintained its year-end results robust despite manufacturing constraints.

Honda CR-V-(

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4. Toyota RAV4

Toyota, on the other hand, found a way to put both its midsize sedan and small SUV in the top ten. The RAV4 is aptly titled for this position, which is also maintained the previous year.

Toyota RAV4-(

3. Chevrolet Silverado

This is a huge one. GM’s combined sales of its Silverado and Sierra pickups make it the top full-size truck manufacturer in the United States by sales, but due to the separate nametags, that distinction doesn’t convert to a better ranking on our list. Not only is the Silverado not top, but it has also dropped a place this year to third owing to manufacturing restrictions and the continuous popularity of Ram’s new pickup line.

Chevrolet Silverado-(

2. Ram Pickup

Stellantis has scored a major victory. As previously stated, this was mostly owing to GM’s inability to construct trucks due to component scarcity, but Ram has been biting at GM’s heels for years, with the two-name tags frequently switching positions in quarterly sales statistics over the past few years. However, this was a very good thrashing (a difference of 40,000 units), and to Ram’s credit, the truck line finished up 1% over the previous year. The Silverado (down 10.8 percent) and F-Series (down 6.8 percent) aren’t faring as well.


1. Ford F-Series

As typical as ever. For the most part, the F-Series has been America’s best-selling car line. Ford’s overall full-size output has fallen behind GM’s in recent years owing to manufacturing difficulties, even before Covid, but it remains the undisputed king of the hill.

Ford F-150-(



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