Top 10 Best Movies In The World In 2023 (So Far)

Despite the fact that 2021 was a bad year in general, it was an excellent year for movies. Because so many 2020 movies were postponed owing to COVID-19, 2021 was a surprisingly strong year for the movie industry.

And, because of the wonderful gift of vaccinations, people have been able to see them in cinemas, a trend that has continued this year.
There are a plethora of 2022 movies to look forward to.

Here is a list of the top 10 best movies released in 2022 so far.

10. Belle (2021)

A high school student becomes a globally beloved singer after entering a fantastic virtual world. She soon embarks on an emotional and epic quest to uncover the identity of a mysterious beast who’s on the run from ruthless vigilantes.

9. Kimi (2022)

A tech worker with agoraphobia discovers recorded evidence of a violent crime, but is met with resistance when she tries to report it. Seeking justice, she must do the thing she fears the most: she must leave her apartment.

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8. Hellbender (2021)

A teen and her mother live simply in a home in the woods, spending their time making metal music. A chance encounter with a fellow teen causes her to uncover a connection between her family and witchcraft, which causes a rift with her mother.

7. After Yang (2021)

When his young daughter’s beloved companion — an android named Yang — malfunctions, Jake searches for a way to repair it. In the process, Jake discovers the life that has been passing in front of him as he reconnects with his wife and daughter.

6. The Batman (2022)

Batman ventures into Gotham City’s underworld when a sadistic killer leaves behind a trail of cryptic clues. As the evidence begins to lead closer to home and the scale of the perpetrator’s plans become clear, he must forge new relationships, unmask the culprit and bring justice to the abuse of power and corruption that has long plagued the metropolis.

5. Turning Red (2022)

Mei Lee is a 13-year-old girl who is torn between being her mother’s obedient daughter and the chaos of her youth. As if that were not enough, when she gets too excited, she turns into a big red panda.

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4. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021)

Yuta Okkotsu gains control of an extremely powerful, cursed spirit and gets enrolled in the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School by sorcerers to help him control his power and keep an eye on him.

3. The Long Walk (2019)

An old scavenger living on the fringes of a near-future society exploits a ghostly companion’s ability to traverse time, hoping to prevent his mother’s suffering from a terminal illness.

2. You Won’t Be Alone (2022)

In 19th-century Macedonia, a young girl is kidnapped and then transformed into a witch by an ancient spirit. Curious about life as a human, the witch accidentally kills a peasant in the nearby village and then takes her victim’s shape to live life in her skin. Her curiosity ignited, she continues to wield this horrific power to understand what it means to be human.

1. Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

When an interdimensional rupture unravels reality, an unlikely hero must channel her newfound powers to fight bizarre and bewildering dangers from the multiverse as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.



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