How To Stay Safe On The Dark Web in 2023

How To Stay Safe On The Dark Web in 2022

Follow the steps and after that do surf such things:

  1. Download Whonix (Private Linux Distrobution used to hide your IP and make you untraceable).
  2. Download Virtual Box (Used to run Whonix. Prevents your legit OS from getting corrupt malware).
  3. Lookup steps on setting up Whonix on Virtual Box.
  4. Once Whonix is loaded up, you want to setup a stable internet connection.
  5. You must download TOR, aka the onion browser to run any of these websites ending with .onion.
Stay Safe On The Dark Web
  • TOR, takes your IP and sends it through one vpn, to another vpn, to another which makes you very secure. However, it doesn’t make you untraceable. Be sure to know what you’re doing. You can watch videos online if needed.
  1. You are ready to explore the dark web. Stay safe. Anything that happens to you is not my fault. A VPN does help your experience but isn’t required.


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