How To Get Free Products From Amazon 2023

Below are the steps to get free Amazon accounts.

  1. Hard Limit: $500 (Fresh acc works)
  2. Wait 24 hours after delivery.
  3. Contact customer support via call

Don’t forget that, call to increase the success rate. They can see your previous chats but can’t see previous calls.

Talk like you are ordering online for the first time. You don’t know the methods.

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  1. If you ordered a small product like a phone, tell them it’s an empty box.
  2. If you ordered a product that is not a small product like a desktop, laptop, or DVD, etc., tell them it did not arrive.
  3. Tell them today is your son or daughter-in-law’s birthday. It was a gift. You need it urgently.
  4. Instant refund completed.

This method still works.



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