How To Add Music To iTunes Easily 2023

Below are the steps to add music to iTunes easily.

To do this, you’ll need a jailbroken device or a computer.

Phone Method

  • “Cercube for YouTube” is required for the Jailbroken Method. The repository’s name is iOS Homebrew Software
  • When you’ve added the repo, search for cercube on Cydia or whatever package manager you’re using, then launch YouTube and search for the song you’re looking for.
  • After you’ve found the song you want, look for an option by the video that says “Import to iTunes” or something similar.
  • After that, you can name the song whatever you want and upload any image you want. This method has worked well for me.

How To Add Music To iTunes Easily

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Pc Method

  • For this method you have to use the website and get the yt link of the song you want to put on iTunes
  • After that you can open the .mp3 file with itunes
  • Once opening the file with iTunes you can then import the music to your phone there should be an option for that.



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